The Forgotten Blessing:

This is a great book! The details of how the old and new testament are wound togther that the author brings to life in the pages of “The Forgotten Blessing” are amazing. I gave my copy to a friend to read, who in turn bought 5 copies to pass on to others. Others that I have told about this book have said they have read it thru 5 times or more! I have read it at least 3 times and get more from it each time I’ve read it. One of the best books that really shows you how God’s love for us was on purpose, weaving that theme from the before Jesus and after his birth and death. I would recommend this book to anyone! Amazon review

Two Minute Warning:

This book is a wake up call for the Church. If you want to know what God is up to and want to join Him in the coming end times battle, this book is your survival guide. It’s time for the Church to realize we are NOT the Chosen Ones, we are the adopted children. God’s choice has always been and will always be ISRAEL. review

The Decree of Esther:

The book “The Decree of Esther” has truly changed my life. It gives such insight into the power of God to change our lives. I feel that this book should be read by every Christian, men and women alike that want to move into a great understanding of who God is in their lives. It was very encouraging and uplifting. review



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